What is Geographical Indication? What are the Advantages of Geographical Indication?

It is a sign indicating a product identified with the region, area, region or country of origin in terms of a distinctive quality, product or other characteristics. Geographical indications are registered as a designation of origin or a geographical indication. Food, agriculture, mining, handicrafts, industrial products may be subject to geographical indication registration. Geographical indications are generally used to identify and protect the products of a particular region.

A geographical indication is usually registered and protected by an association, cooperative or local authority that carries out the production and marketing of a product. This registration indicates that the geographical indication has the right to protect only products produced in a specific region. This helps consumers to know more about the true origin and quality of products when shopping.

Geographical indications can be used for agricultural products, food products, handicrafts and various other product categories. At the international level, there are various agreements and regulations to protect various geographical indications.